Recommended Record

I “recor’mend” this record (sorry):

“Up Against The Wall” by Peter Bjorn and John.
They’re a Swedish trio. If you like The Shins, anything resembling Irish music, or mellow pop (and I mean that in the best way possible), listen to this. I really like these songs, but more than that, I like it as an album. It’s the perfect mid-tempo, happy-sounding pop melancholishness that is especially suited to driving around or doing random activities in your home.

Vocals sound trash-cany sometimes–think The Raveonettes. I love the accent too. “Each other” becomes “eeshothar”. Cute.

This album is like remembering an old love, like “aww, that was sweet and fun. I love them. Man, that sucked too.” A wistful pain that’s fun enough to dance to. Only fun when you have enough distance, that is.

I feel like I’ve heard these songs before. It’s not just the mod/Irish folk combination…I’m bracing myself for hearing these songs pimped to all hell on every commercial for cars and whatnot aimed at my preciously hip demographic. But for now, these songs are mine. And I’ll never turn the tv on again…at least until I see these guys live. So far, there are no plans for them to come to Kansas City. But they will be at my pseudo-brother’s neighborhood club, The Empty Bottle (in Chicago) on May 8th. That’s a Tuesday. Hmmm. Tricky. But it’ll be heaven; how can I waste that moment of my life at work? Well? I can’t!

The album is actually called “Writer’s Block”.


One Response to “Recommended Record”

  1. kchappenstance Says:

    Today, April 17th, I saw a Pontiac commercial featuring “Objects of My Affection”, my favorite song (dammit) from the album. It sounds much like The Grand United’s practicing I’d encounter when I’d come home for lunch. The cats danced with me. But a good thing: it seems inevitable that The Grand United will be able to sell a song to some company for a big fat check.

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