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Ziggy Marley @ The Crossroads 5-4-07

May 6, 2007

This post is about Kansas City. Because…I just don’t have that much to say about the actual show.

On that very warm Friday evening, Kitka picked me up and we drove to the Nelson Art Gallery. After opening a few false doors, we found the Kansas City Art Institute’s showing of its students’ best animation shorts. Very entertaining. And it made me feel like I got shafted on my own education. (Really, I just studied the wrong subject taught the wrong way.)

From one free event to another:
We moseyed around the art walk, stopping at the new shop for Christopher Elbow chocolates. It’s the most chic thing I’ve ever seen in this city. I feel like I’ve stumbled into the future when I walk in there. Please see for youself; it’s next to Tomboy around 18th & McGee. I recommend everything (try the lavender while it’s back for a moment). Okay, so the chocolate wasn’t free, but Kitka bought me a piece. Thanks, Kitka! Delicious.

Then we went across the street to the Pearl gallery. It displayed vintage kimonos, which were billowing in the breeze. Upstairs is a sterling silver shop. Very interesting stuff and most of it is botanical. Maybe I’m just cheap, but I’m concerned that the person who buys a set of napkin rings for $1620 is being impractical. Unless that price includes tax. I forgot how much the silver pasties were…

We went on to wander around Grinders and the surrounding galleries and new outdoor Crossroads venue. Robert Randolph was on stage. As we walked by the side of the stage, Kitka was convinced she saw Ziggy Marley. She waved and he waved back. I had my doubts.

I also had doubts about some stoned lady’s story that Ziggy is staying at the same Comfort Inn as she is. (But I don’t doubt her claim that whoever it was shooed her away.) Wow she was stOOOOOOOONed. She was standing in the doorway of the MoMa gallery, which was closed for the evening. It looked like some fashion shoot was going on inside, and the participants took a break to watch the fireworks eminating from Union Station.

Kitka and I decided to see what we could get out of the wristbands she’d received (also for free) for this Union Station extravaganza: the mayor’s inagural ball. I guessed that the fireworks announced the end of the party. But when we got there, a band was still playing in the parking lot. People were dressed and dancing as if they were at a wedding reception. That made me apprehensive, but I had a combined sense of lets-be-punk-and-crash-this-party and ah-ow-I’m-terribly-underdressed-in-these-gardening-clothes.

Probably half the wedding receptionistas had left or were on their way out; the others were stealing flowers or sitting at large round tables, not wanting to go home and end their exciting evening. The average age of the a member of the remaining crowd could probably start drawing their Social Security benefits. They obviously knew the value of all these birds of paradise flowers (what does that plant have to do with Kansas City? bad choice); it was entertaining to see these elegant geezers walking out with stolen goods. They encouraged Kitka to “leave the vases”, so she just took a couple of flowers. On the way out of the large hall, some middle-aged drunk guy yelled “heeey!” at me. I supposed that was a greeting. He reached for my boobs. I kept walking. I like the new mayor but hope that unwanted groping isn’t a part of his mission.

After the quick walk-through, we went to Pierpont’s for a drink. Again, I felt out of place, but it made me feel like a plebian getting their deserved place in the party. But even if my clothes were more formal, I’d still never have fit in with the annoying wasps running around with beer bongs. I’m not worried about ever accidentally falling into a membership with that crowd. Anyway…Kitka and I were really thirsty, and I knew an $8 martini would knock me on my ass, so I just sipped water. I didn’t have any cash, so I didn’t leave a tip…sorry about that. Another drop in the bucket of free.

Planning on driving around the Ziggy Marley show–sure he was on stage by now–we ended up getting a really close parking space where we could hear (and almost see) everything. Someone was on the phone that whole time (ahem) and missed the extra show that exploded next to the car: a 5′ police woman slammed an old man into the corner of an SUV bearing a Deadhead sticker. Then she threw him on the ground. A dangerouscrazyoldman’s cane flew about. The guy got cuffed and received a screaming at by the woman. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear what she said. The guy laid on his side and at one point kicked the police man standing beside him. But the kick wasn’t too virile. It was like footsie. The policeman laughed and footsied back while casually walking over him. Several minutes later, a van came and hauled him off.

But then we got an even better view–of the actual show, that is. The concert became free. Not sure why it suddenly turned free, but I heeded the security guard’s annoucement. My proof of 21-overness was all I needed to walk through the chain-linked fence and into the soft mulch that perhaps still is the Grinders Sculpture Park. The ten-member band was tight. Ziggy has a great voice and stage presence. I loved his dancing the best.

Someone did a painting of him that was decent. The round yellow moon rose through the clouds. The drunk white guys danced embarassingly. Kitka took a few pictures. The break before the encore lasted maybe one minute. They came back and played a few songs…and that was it. After all that free-hopping, we went home.